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I've organized my music in three albums.


The album "Veinte" was recorded around 1984 by Ana, Magda and myself.

All the songs are ours, lyrics and music. Was recorded with a karaoke mic in the house of our friend Antonio Montero in Valencia, Spain. We did it in a chrome tape! I found funny that you can still buy those tapes in Amazon today...

I remember being all around the mic playing guitar and singing. We didn't repeat any song ;-)

10 Years ago, a high level music expert passed the tape to a CD in a studio in Geneva.


The section "Bares" (bars in english) are the music I like to play all time. Alone, in small concerts, in parties, etc. Are songs I like and say a lot to me.


The "Nuevo" (new in english) is the new album I'm doing already two years! I never find time to finish all! Work, family, other hobbies takes a lot of time. I have around 10 songs already done but only a few are finished.

You can find the last releases to buy here:

Latest Songs